Christopher Michael is completing a JD/PhD (Politics) at the City University of New York with a focus on cooperative financial structures, community economic development, and labor law. Chris is General Counsel of The ICA Group, a national not-for-profit consultancy whose mission over the last 35 years has been to promote human and economic development through the creation of employee-owned businesses. He is also a founding director of the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives.

Chris has ten years of experience in a variety of fields. After undergraduate at Columbia University, he worked demolition in the South Bronx, Brownsville, and Harlem; and then advanced to the position of Carpenter’s Apprentice at a private renovation/construction firm. He moved to Berlin for three years, where he worked in catering, independent film, advertising, and translation. Returning to New York, he drove yellow cab for two years.

Chris is married, an enthusiast of the Chinatown YMCA, and continues to love New York pizza.


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